How to edit real estate photos in Lightroom

How to edit real estate photos in Lightroom? Real estate photo editing focuses on lighting, adjusting composition and brightness to bring out the important points of real estate in the photo.

After you take photos of your properties, you need to edit them to make them attractive to your customers. When it comes to real estate photo editing, Adobe Lightroom is often the most reliable software. But not everyone knows how to use Lightroom professionally and quickly. So how to edit real estate photos in Lightroom? How to edit in a time-saving but highly effective way?


Editing Exteriors in Lightroom

Editing needs to focus on emphasizing real estate

Editing needs to focus on emphasizing real estate

Change highlights and shadows: move the highlight bar to the left to remove the highlights that cause glare in the photo. If there are dark areas in the image, increase the shadow bar to increase the brightness of the photo.

Make the photo clear: add a little clarity to the image by moving the clarity slider. The increase in clarity makes the photo high-resolution, seeing all the details of the real estate clearly.

Adjust the temperature: if you want the photo to have a cool or warm tone, drag the temperature slider left or right until you’re satisfied. Temperature also affects the subject we want to show the client.

Image color saturation: to select a specific color that you want to adjust saturation without affecting the rest of the image, select the area you want and drag the mouse down.

Edit the background: if your image is taken outdoors, the sky is an important factor contributing to the highlight of the real estate, to correct the color of the sky you just need to click left or right.

Control the details: adjust the level of sharpness by moving the sliders around. Add a little radius just to include some detail on the photo. Withhold down the Alt or Option key while dragging the slider to the right.


Editing Interiors in Lightroom

Good brightness makes real estate photos more beautiful and attractive

Good brightness makes real estate photos more beautiful and attractive

Retouching an interior photo can be quite different from retouching an exterior photo because most photos are underexposed rather than when you’re shooting outdoors.

Modifying highlights and shadows: Because when shooting indoors, there will be cases where the light is not spread much in each area of ​​the image, we need to adjust the brightness and darkness for each area.

Adjust the warmth or coldness of your photo: if your photo looks too warm, move the temperature slider to the left to make it a little cooler. You can also adjust the tone to the left as needed to remove the magenta tint from the image, or to the right to remove some of the blues from the image.

Adjust the vibration for the photo: real estate photos must be really clear so that customers can experience the most authentic way. The credibility of the photo affects the decision of the customer whether to invest in real estate or not. Adjust the vibrance of the photo by clicking on the toolbar available on the screen and dragging it left or right as desired.

Saturate some colors: this step will depend on your personal preferences. However, de-coloring the orange and yellow will add a bit of a cool tone to the image.

Adjust the sharpness: more than the amount of sharpening slider depends on your preference and adjust accordingly.

Hope you find yourself How to edit real estate photos in Lightroom so you can make an impression and bring out the highlights in each photo.