How to use 3Ds Max for architecture

How to use 3Ds Max for architecture? 3Ds Max Architecture is one of the most popular programs in the graphic industry and has a lot of utility for 3D design. 


If you are a designer or a graphic enthusiast, surely that you have to know about  some graphic programs and one of the 3Ds program that you impossible not to know is 3Ds Max Architecture. This program is normally used in the construction and architecture industry and has become like a “helpful right-hand” for architects. But, how to use 3Ds Max for architecture? Its maybe the question we were received the most so today we decided to give you some basic informations about 3Ds Max architecture.

3Ds Max for architecture

3Ds Max for architecture


Basic informations about 3Ds Max architecture

3Ds Max architecture is one of the most widely used 3D animation applications. It has powerful modeling capabilities, a set of flexible architectural plugins, and a Microsoft Windows-compatible platform. Most of it is used for game development, TV commercials and architectural models. It is also used to create movie and virtual reality effects.



Polygon is a polygonal model, the most widely used in game design, architecture… Most other 3D models are also based on polygonal shapes because they have many advantages. Convenience points such as ease as well as saving real time in computation…


Version 6 of 3Ds Max architecture has adopted a new correction feature – editable poly polygons and is highly appreciated for its performance. Simple and equipped with a multi-level smoothing tool.

However, with the strong development of the graphics industry, another object has been sought and applied to replace polygons, called NURBS. They operate on the main principle of mathematical formulas, thus providing high accuracy, creating smooth, soft surfaces, etc. and many groundbreaking new features.

2. Scanline Rendering

This is the tool default shading in 3Ds Max. In the new versions in the past few years, the programmers have applied some new features to increase performance such as global illumination, rediosity, ray tracing,…


* Mental ray
Mental ray is a quality product developed by Mental Images. Mental ray is included in the most recent version of MAX, and it is a powerful rendering engine, with bucket rendering (similar to Maya’s Satellite Rendering), a widely developed technology for efficient computing. Mental ray version of 3Ds Max also has a set of tools that can make links easily.

It's the most popularly use 3D program

It’s the most popularly use 3D program

3. Character studio

This is a plugin attached to 3Ds Max version 4. This feature allows users to create animated characters, which are capable of walking cycles and movement paths and some other basic movements.

4. Maxscript

This is called a scripting language and is included by default in 3Ds Max. Creating new features or adding plugins to 3Ds Max all require the support of Maxscript.


3D rendering in general, not just on 3Ds Max architecture, is a very complex job and requires many specialized skills. Therefore, in order to understand the steps and principles of 3D rendering in general and how to use 3Ds Max for architecture, please contact us directly via  for direct advice.