Is a floor plan an architectural drawing?

Is a floor plan an architectural drawing? A floor plan is not an architectural drawing, although they share some similarities.

A floor plan and an architectural drawing are two indispensable components if you want to do construction and repair work. However, not everyone has the right perception and understanding of a floor plan and an architectural drawing. So is a floor plan an architectural drawing?

I. What is a floor plan?

Plans in construction are defined as projections of buildings onto the horizontal plane. When looking at the ground, the viewer will have the feeling that they are standing at the highest position and have an overview of the overall space of the building.

Ground in construction, construction design is the most important image of a drawing. It tells us the size and layout of the rooms, the items, the amenities in the room, the transportation system as well as the location, size and thickness of the walls.

Normally, architects will choose a cross section position at a height of 1.5m above the floor, equivalent to the height of doors and windows. In case the floor has many doors at different heights, the turning section method will be used to describe it.

Floor plan showing details of the interior layout of the property

Floor plan showing details of the interior layout of the property

II. What are architectural drawings?

The architectural design drawing of a house is a set of documents from 80 to 200 pages, including 3 main parts: architectural part, structural part, electrical part and water part.

1. Architect part

This part is the design of the house from the outside to the inside. The first is the exterior perspective section, in this part, the homeowner will visualize how the styles and colors work together, the building materials used for each array, … From there, the homeowner will see your house after completion.

Floor plan: This is a cross-sectional image of the house on each floor, showing the position and size of each wall and staircase in the house. Arrange the rooms in the house according to each floor, the area of ​​​​the room as well as the direction of the rooms to each other. 

2. Texture part

The structure will include the following elements:

At the beginning of the profile are general notes in construction such as: protective steel layer in concrete, distance of bearing steel of beams, load-bearing steel hooks, structure of column belts and beams, …

Foundation structure, foundation ground: This part depends on the soil and complexity of the work to give appropriate options such as pile foundation, single foundation or raft foundation. In general, the structural profile will calculate the beautiful iron and steel materials, beams, columns, stairs to ensure the house is solid and safe.

Architectural drawing consists of 3 main parts

Architectural drawing consists of 3 main parts

3. Electricity and water 

The electrical part includes: electrical layout of the floors in the house, lighting and ventilation, lightning protection on the roof and details of electrical equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, internet, etc.

The water part includes: the water supply and drainage system of the toilet, kitchen, laundry room, and drying room of the floors. 

Thereby, we can see that floor plans and architectural drawings have commonalities, but they are not exactly the same and are used for different purposes.

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